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★☆ G-TOP [ 지드래곤x탑 ]

"서로 사랑하자"

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★ g_top ☆
Welcome :D♥ This community is dedicated to the relationship between 지드래곤 (G-Dragon/권지용) and (TOP/최승현) from the korean group 빅뱅 (Big Bang).
Moderator → malisvaart // Co-Moderator (for tags) → summanaro

★ rules ☆
2 All posts must be releated to G-TOP.
3 You may post pictures, videos, graphics, fanfics, fanart ect.
4 No bashing/flaming! (either it is the pairing, other Big Bang members or community members) Respect each other!
5 Post huge pictures under lj-cut if they are not tumblians. Same goes for long text!
6 All posts that contain media stuff (pictures, gifs, videos etc) are locked.
7 Tag your entries (and tag the correctly).
8 Give credit for whatever you post.
9 Have fun :3

★ affilates ☆
Comment here if you want to affilate.
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